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<p>Especially in winter, a fire warms up more than just a house: it warms up the very heart of a family and becomes a very attractive centerpiece. When we think Christmas, we think of sitting around stoves and fireplaces, entranced by flickering flames and warmed through.</p><p></p><p>You could choose a wood burning stove, an open real fire, fuels of coal, electric or gas. Whichever you like, a shimmering fire makes a glorious addition to your living space. Every type or fire has advantages plus disadvantages, so consider which is best for your own family and home. And don't forget about the furniture: the look of the surround, hearth and great. There's lots of choice on the market so take the time to decide on what can be the focal point of every home for generations.</p><p></p><p>If you opt for a solid fuel, real fire, then there are several things that need to be put in place. The chimney first needs to be fully operational, routinely cleaned and lined. Then you need to bear in mind the amount of heat that will be created. It's absolutely vital to get it right, or you could be risking a major house fire incident.</p><p></p><p>Though there's nothing quite like the real flame and the heat provided by a real fire, keeping it going is quite a job, there are the safety concerns above and it's also quite messy. If you're using wood, it needs to be very dry or the flue will become lined with highly flammable tars. If you opt for coal, the dust does get all over the place and it isn't great for those with allergies.</p><p></p><p>A good solution is a solid fuel burner. This enclosed, often cast iron stove is mounted above the hearth and will have a door that closes. This generates a great amount of heat; to the extent it can be used with a back boiler for your hot water and can even run central heating. Many love the visual appeal, especially since the tempered glass door will let you see the dancing flames inside.</p><p></p><p>But if your fire is mainly for decorative purposes, you may want to give some thought to a gas or electric fire. There is no need for a working chimney, no mess and fewer emissions. Designs come in both contemporary and modern styles, in order to match any home. These types of fires don't require all that feeding and work: they come on, and go out, at the touch of a button.</p><p></p><p>Even when there's just one small space, an elegant gas fire may be possible with fitting by a CORGI accredited professional. You don't even need a fireplace: just a free wall and the gas main connection.</p><p></p><p>Electric fires and fireplaces are great for houses without a working chimney or mains gas connection. Or, maybe you just want a real-looking fire in a lounge, but the gas only extends to your boiler and kitchen. If you are searching for <a href="">wood burning stoves Sheffield</a>, <a href="">stoves Sheffield</a>, <a href="">click here</a>, or the rest of Yorkshire, it may be worth identifying 3 or 4 respected companies who have good websites, and will call at your home and provide an estimate free of charge.</p>

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