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Welcome to the official SXSW Group. Step up to help Green SXSW!

The SXSW Carbon Tree tracks our collective impact, the real time carbon reductions of all conference attendees, the friends they invite and so on...

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Official SXSW Group

Official SXSW Group Carbon Tree

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337 people in this tree reduced:
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407Solar panels installed
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Annual Carbon Reduction


Carbon Reductions

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Impact In Tons of Carbon
Initial Footprint
50 111
161 Tons (Reduction of 28%)
New Footprint

Carbon Reduction Goals

25% (148.3 Tons)

Updates Update

SXSW Carbon Competition commences!

Official SXSW Group's Wall

David Delcourt
David Delcourt

Congratulations SXSW-ers. We are not only reducing 230 tons of carbon every year, but Evolution Sage will be donating 115 tons of offsets for the rest of the SXSW community that was unable to participate!

Posted at 02:40 PM on March 17, 2008 | report

Jameson Lipton
Jameson Lipton

See you all at the PN party this evening!

Posted at 03:15 PM on March 07, 2008 | report

Leader Board

  1. Ben Brown Ben Brown
    148 tons
  2. David Delcourt David Delcourt
    64 tons
  3. Karen Allen Karen Allen
    15 tons
  4. Brett Eggleston Brett Eggleston
    12 tons
  5. Adam Schrader Brown Adam Schrader Brown
    11 tons


Ben Brown Moderator
Ben Brown

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